• As a college professor and daughter of a public elementary school teacher, Monica supports all public education, from kindergarten to college. Effective education leads to greater skills, greater opportunities, and greater prosperity in life.
  • Public schools must be improved. Monica is against sinking public money into private and charter schools. This only hides the problem and fixes nothing.
  • Monica advocates for eliminating standardized tests and empowering teachers with the resources they need to convey real-world skills to students.
  • She supports making public colleges and universities either free or low-cost, as they were in the past. Instead of making a profit on misery-riddled student loans, the government should invest in America’s future.
  • She also supports eliminating administrative and corporate waste to redirect funding and resources to classrooms and educators.



  • Monica advocates for a single-payer Medicare-for-all system in which all Americans of all ages gain the benefits of Medicare. Americans should not need to buy health insurance to live. Healthcare should be a guaranteed right for all, not a privilege for the rich.
  • She supports lowering prescription drug prices by allowing Medicare to haggle with drug companies and allowing Americans to import cheaper prescriptions from Canada.
  • Monica stands with Planned Parenthood, which does not primarily provide abortion but contraceptive services that prevent abortion. Spending federal money on abortion is already illegal, which makes the entire debate pointless.
  • Republicans love to complain about mental health after mass shootings but refuse to do anything about it. Monica instead pledges to expand access to mental health.

America at Work


  • Monica supports America’s unions and the rights of workers to join them. "Right-to-work" has destroyed the rights of all Americans to bargain for better pay and benefits.
  • She opposes all “trickle-down” policies, which have proven time and time again to do nothing to create jobs and everything to make the rich even richer.
  • All workers deserve a fair wage, and the income tax from that wage should not go toward giving billionaires free money. Monica supports a minimum wage that is a living wage, as it was always meant to be.
  • Workers at all levels should be paid appropriately for their work.
  • Seniors on Social Security deserve a cost-of-living increase to benefits and should not have their benefits controlled by for-profit corporations.


  • Monica supports a massive investment into repairing America's crumbling roads and bridges to increase the safety of travelers and reduce commute times. This will create jobs and make commuting to existing jobs easier.
  • Since the Internet is an essential part of many American jobs and education programs, Monica supports a free and open Internet. Telecommunications corporations shouldn't profit from selling personal information and cannot slow down websites that fail to pay fees or contain views the corporations disagree with. Read More

Criminal Justice

  • Most police have a duty to serve and protect, and they fulfill that duty effectively and honorably. However, some overstep boundaries, like those who brutally assaulted the Jax 5 to serve a political agitator and white supremacist.
  • Therefore, Monica supports measures that require Police to wear body cameras. These provide evidence of whoever is responsible for wrongdoing and protect the rights and safety of both officers and arrestees.
  • Monica supports abolishing mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses, grossly underpaid prison labor, and for-profit prisons. She has no patience for such Big Government wastes of taxpayer money.

Gun Rights

  • Monica favors common sense restrictions on gun trading that curtail criminal and black-market access without punishing responsible owners.
  • She pledges to fight the extremists in the NRA who prioritize the weapons of alt-right nationalists over Americans' safety.


  • Monica accepts that climate scientists are experts, not politicians and corporations. Therefore, she accepts that the threat of climate change is very real.
  • Corporations that willingly poison the air and water that everyone shares should pay a carbon tax. Those that clean up their act should receive incentives for doing so.
  • Monica opposes all handouts to the fossil fuel industry, including fracking and pipelines. Such activities create very few permanent jobs to justify the environmental destruction they cause.
  • Public works should transition to a clean energy future to reduce energy costs, create permanent jobs, and keep communities clean.

Voting Rights and Government Corruption

  • Monica supports a Constitutional Amendment to end the effects of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates to the corrupting influence of unlimited corporate money in politics.
  • The Trump administration must be investigated for its ties to Russia.
  • Truly draining the swamp means removing the influence of billionaires like Donald Trump, his whole cabinet, and corporate lobbyists.
  • Everyone should have a say in their government, so Monica supports automatic voter registration and expanded access to early voting and voting by mail.


  • Upon returning home, veterans must be treated with dignity and have full access to appropriate and accessible healthcare.
  • The government must stop wasting excessive money on private military contractors. America should not spend over half of its budget money on tools of war, especially while veterans are homeless.
  • Taxpayers should not pay for weapons traded to countries that arm America’s enemies.

Equal Rights for All

  • As an out transgender woman herself, Monica opposes all “bathroom bill” legislation that limits how people can live their lives based on their genitalia at birth. These laws do nothing to protect anyone and much to endanger people.
  • Monica upholds the right of all Americans to marry whomever they want without discrimination from the government. Strictly religious organizations already have a right to not perform such marriages, but the government should never turn anyone away.
  • Monica opposes all the false rhetoric from Donald Trump and the white supremacists who support him labeling all members of non-white races as “thugs” or “rapists.”
  • Monica considers Donald Trump’s border wall to be the height of idiocy.
  • Immigrants should have an easy path to citizenship instead of being labelled the scapegoats of anything bad that happens in America.
  • Muslim Americans are not terrorists. Treating them as such only makes ISIS stronger.

Main Street, Not Wall Street

  • Bankers who use Wall Street trading to gamble for profit should not rely on taxpayers to bail them out if they lose.
  • Banks should not be able to spend other people’s savings and retirement money on risky investments.
  • Bankers who abuse the system at the expense of others deserve jail time, not massive bonuses and the chance to lobby lawmakers for more.
  • If a bank is “too big to fail” to the point of threatening the entire financial system of the U.S., then, if it comes or has come anywhere near failing, it should be broken into smaller, less dangerous units.
Monica DePaul for U.S. Congress